How often do you feel like everyone wants something from you all the time?

Even a friend asking to meet for a coffee feels like an obligation because you’ve been there for others all week and can’t listen to anyone else’s problems anymore.

What’s worse, the weight of responsibility in a helping profession feels heavy on your shoulders.

And perhaps you started asking yourself: 

What about me? What about my needs?

In my first role as a helper, I started to crave time for myself — every day. And I wonder if you feel the same.

Perhaps you’re in a place where you wish you’d…

  • stop dreading Mondays
  • look forward to seeing your clients again, without worrying what it’ll do to your mood
  • come home after a long day at work and feel like you still have energy for yourself and your loved ones
  • know what you can do to truly feel rested instead of binge-watching Netflix after work
  • lose your fear of getting burned out
  • stay present and compassionate when your clients share their suffering
  • stop doubting if you’ll be able to stay in your profession for the long run

I created this course because these are the exact tools I would have needed when I started working in a helping profession, and what I saw my peers struggling with most. And I’m excited to see them transform your life, too.

If you choose to join me, you will:

  • get insights that’ll serve you for the rest of your life, and practices that you don’t ever want to miss again
  • receive tools to help you prevent stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue
  • finally prioritize your own mental and emotional well-being
  • stop sleepwalking through your professional life
  • journey inward to explore how you want to show up in your role as a helper
  • find a space of deep insight from which you can make mindful choices about your relationship with yourself
  • learn how to give from a place of balance because you’re taking care of yourself first
  • bridge the gap between self-care that’s reserved for your time off and something you need to think about in relation to your professional life
  • connect with others who can relate to the challenges you face
  • create your personalized self-care vision that you can come back to again and again

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Here’s how the course works

Your daily practice (15-20min)

  • Knowledge

    Insights and reflections on each topic help you put your practice into its necessary context.

  • Guided meditation practices

    Use the tools of mindfulness and self-awareness as a key to establish a regular self-care practice as you go through these 24 audio recordings.

  • Self-reflection

    Daily journaling prompts plus questions to review each module as well as the whole course help you go deeper, and create a self-care vision that works for you.

Your community

Knowing that we’re not alone in our experience is a powerful force. 

Every two weeks, we’ll meet for a total of three community calls where you’ll be able to connect with and practice alongside other helpers and caregivers. Use the discussion section of each lesson to keep in touch, share, and help each other stay accountable between calls. Places are limited to allow the group to connect in a meaningful way.

Your 4 Core Modules (6 lessons each)

  • Presence

    Module 1 guides you to cultivate a sense of mindfulness and notice how you’re actually doing in the here and now.

  • Awareness

    Module 2 focuses on creating awareness around your role as a helper, so that you know what you need in order to function well.

  • Exploration

    A deep dive into the workings of your mind, Module 3 offers you to clearly see yourself in your role, and warns you about what it is you need to avoid.

  • Integration

    Module 4 guides you to integrate your insights and experiences thus far as you find a new approach to well-being.


Filled with actionable knowledge on community buildingself-care quickies for your work day, and self-care on an organizational level as well as for womxn helpers, use these bonuses to delve deeper into what it is you need the most.

"Rebekka has created an easy to dive into, applicable, holistic and compact program to discover and establish our self-care at our work places. I’m amazed at how simple and yet impactful this approach is. It has created deep insight for me even though I have been on a path of awareness, meditation and self-reflection for many years. To apply this so directly to my work has built a bridge to combine these two parts of my life. I’m really grateful for that." 

— Lia, psychologist

Enrollment is currently closed. To be the first to hear when it opens again...

60% of jobs with the highest burnout rates are helping professions.

But when we’re trained to become therapists, social workers, or healthcare workers, nobody tells us that it's crucial to care for ourselves even while we care for others, and how important it is to find that balance.

Nobody teaches us how we can truly be there for others without neglecting our own needs.

Not always are we prepared for the suffering and pain we’re witnessing. And while our work is necessary for our society to function, our own mental and emotional health are rarely seen as important.

But I’m here to tell you: Your needs matter too. You not only deserve to be taken care of, but it’s a necessity.

What I learned the hard way is that you can't give what you don't have. You can only be there for others if you know how to do the same for yourself.

Here's what you'll get.

Cost: 149 Euros.

  • 24 audios with guided practices that you can use well beyond the course

  • daily written teachings and journaling prompts to help you gain invaluable insights

  • 4 printable reflection sheets to track your experiences in each module

  • 3 x 1-hour live (& recorded) community calls

  • 4 downloadable bonuses

  • a personalized self-care vision to help you implement what you’ve learned

  • 4 weeks of connecting with other helpers

  • a 25% discount for up to three 1:1 counseling sessions with me

"Rebekka's voice is calming and grounding, which brought me into a deep space of observation at the beginning of each exercise. The daily time to invest is very short so it’s absolutely manageable with any schedule and will serve you greatly. I can only recommend joining this program and investing this time to make your everyday work-life so much more relaxed. So you can work from a centered place of giving because you are taking care of yourself first." 

— Lia, psychologist

A peek inside the course

    1. Let's get ready.

    1. Intention setting.

    2. Arrive in the here and now.

    3. Mindfulness and breath.

    4. Abdominal breathing.

    5. Remember your resources.

    6. Practice gratitude.

    7. Reflection Module 1 — Presence.

    1. Building your helper community.

    1. Your self-care mindset.

    2. Choose your focus.

    3. Acknowledge your needs.

    4. Know your boundaries.

    5. Stress and stressors.

    6. Compassion vs. empathy.

    7. Reflection Module 2 — Awareness.

    1. Self-care quickies for before, during, and after work.

    1. Let's check in with each other.

About this course

  • €149,00
  • 37 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Self-care isn’t about manicures and scented candles (though it can be, if that’s your thing). Instead, it’s about knowing yourself deeply, and becoming friends with yourself. It’s about realizing that your health and well-being matter as much as another’s and finding ways to prove that to yourself.

Enrollment is currently closed. To be the first to hear when it opens again...

This course is for you if you’re...

  • done self-sacrificing and are ready to prioritize yourself
  • wanting permission to tend to your needs
  • willing to gift yourself the same care and attention you give to others, so you can continue to do your important work in this world

This course is not for you if you…

  • aren’t willing to try the ideas proposed throughout the course and see if they’re a good fit
  • already have a self-care practice that never fails you
  • aren’t ready to take responsibility for your mental and emotional health

Our dates & timing

Course dates: Sign-up closes on May 5th, 2023. The course begins on May 8th.

Community calls: Monday, May 8th, 7pm CET.
                                    Monday, May 22nd, 7pm CET.
                                    Monday, June 5th, 7pm CET.

Click on this link to check your time zone.

All other materials are pre-recorded and available via the course platform Thinkific.

We’re left to figure it out alone.

That’s how I felt in my first job in a children’s home.

My education hadn’t prepared me for the challenges and burdens I’d face working with children and youth who suffer to such an extent, and I couldn’t find the resources I needed to bring my body and mind back to a place of balance.

Before I could learn which of my needs were non-negotiable, the demands and structures of the job led me to quickly move toward burnout. Being trained as a clinical and health psychologist didn’t prevent me from it.

At the same time, I was training to become a trauma therapist. As I learned about the concepts of secondary trauma, burnout, and compassion fatigue, I interviewed my colleagues and realized how fragile our own mental and emotional health really is when we’re tending to other people’s needs daily, and how scarce the resources really are.

So, I eventually decided to become such a resource myself. That’s why in my work, I focus on taking care of the people who are so used to helping others first that they forget about their own needs.

Thank you for the important work you do in this world, and for considering joining me and other helping professionals on this path.

I’d love to welcome you into the course if it resonates with you. I’m here if you have any questions, so please get in touch.

I asked...

What would you say to someone who is thinking of investing in this course?

"If you commit to the short exercises, dive into the self-discovery and apply it practically, it has the power to change your work life and well-being for the better. So much more than I would have expected. Do it! It’s fun, it doesn’t take a lot of time each day and it’s greatly beneficial!"

Common questions about the course

  • What exactly is a helping professional?

    A person in a helping profession is anyone who takes care of the physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual well-being of a person. You witness suffering, pain, and crisis and hold space for others to process. Typically, this can be occupations that provide support and health services, such as social workers, counselors and therapists, caregivers, health care workers of all areas, and educators.

  • I’m not a helping professional, but take care of a family member or am volunteering. Will this course still work for me?

    Yes. Most of the concepts and practices will still be applicable to your situation. Please do join us, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions about your specific situation.

  • I’ve been in a helping profession for X years. Will this course still help me?

    I created this course with the hope that it’ll be useful for those who need it most. The tools selected are timeless, and will benefit anyone who’s willing to try a new approach.

  • Is this course for me?

    If you’re wondering if the course is a right for you and your specific situation, it’s best to get in touch via email or message me on Instagram, so we can figure it out.

  • Does this course apply to me if I currently struggle with secondary trauma?

    While the program is trauma-sensitive, I suggest receiving additional support while you go through the program by either your therapist, if you currently have one, or by me. In any case, please get in touch, so we can talk about your specific needs and find a solution.

  • Do you offer personal support and feedback?

    I’ll be active in the discussion section, and you’ll be invited to ask questions during the live calls, too. You may also receive 1:1 counseling with me to deepen your understanding and relationship with yourself or any of the topics that arose for you during the course.

  • What’s the workload like? 

    That’s entirely up to you. If you want to practice daily, you can devote 15-20 minutes for your practice, as well as join the three 1-hour calls. You may also divide each lesson into its different parts if taking 15 minutes is not realistic for you right now. Learning to prioritize your well-being does require some discipline, but a big chunk of the course is self-paced because I’m aware that we all have different obligations and life situations. I encourage you to find what works best for you and find compassion for yourself along the way.

  • Do I need to have experience in meditation to join?

    Since the course is easing you into the practice of meditation, you don’t need any experience — all you need to bring is curiosity and an open mind.

  • How long does the course take?

    While I believe that we need time for ourselves daily, I know that that’s not always possible. If you do practice every day, you’ll finish the course in four weeks, which is why the community calls will end after this period. However, there’s no right way to do this course, and you should adjust your pace to your current needs. The only way you can do it wrong is to not do it at all.

  • Will you run this course again?

    I certainly hope so. This depends on both interest and demand, and my personal work schedule, so I don’t have a confirmed date for the next round yet. If you feel called to join, I invite you to take the leap.

  • What’s your refund policy?

    Course purchases are non-refundable, so please be mindful about your decision to participate.

  • When will the course take place?

    Assuming there are still places left, sign-up ends on Friday, May 5th. We’ll begin practicing together with our first Community Call on Monday, May 8th, after which the official part of the course will run for 4 weeks.

  • I can’t join the Community Calls live. Will they be recorded?

    Yes. You’ll find the recordings on your course platform.

  • When and where are the live workshops?

    Monday, May 8th, May 22nd and June 5th at 7pm CET on Zoom.

  • Are there any scholarships available?

    Each round has scholarships available, while the focus on who’s eligible changes each round (this round going to the people I interviewed in the process of creating this course). Depending on your situation, it may also be possible to get a refund for the course from your employer. If you have question of how that could work, please reach out to me.

  • What payment options do I have?

    You can pay your course via PayPal or Stripe. If these aren’t an option for you, please get in touch with me via email and we'll find a solution.

  • How do I access the material?

    The course lives on Thinkific, a very intuitive course platform that you can access after creating an account during your course purchase. Community calls are held via Zoom.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You’ll have life-long access (or for however long the course exists) and are encouraged to join any new group that comes in to pick up your practice once again, if need be.

You’ve got a question I haven’t answered yet? Get in touch via email or Instagram, and I’ll make sure to clear them up.

Enrollment is currently closed. To be the first to hear when it opens again...

  • Disclaimer

    The content I share through this online program is not intended to serve as medical advice or replace any form of medical diagnosis or treatment. The practices I offer are not a substitute for a consultation with a physician or psychotherapy, nor is it intended to replace it. Rather, it deals with coping with situations outside of medicine. You should always consult with your physician before altering or changing any aspect of your medical treatment. Do not stop or change any prescription medications without the guidance and advice of your physician. My goal is to share educational information and offer suggestions that I feel may be helpful. However, it’s not possible for me to know whether these will help you personally. My content should not be treated as personal advice. Any use of the content is based on your good judgment and is your responsibility. Thank you for being here and for sharing your valuable time with me. May my work be of benefit to you and those around you, wherever you are in your own journey.